Adam Finn joined Triland in September 2008 and is now working as the Head of Precious Metals. He completed the Graduate Trainee programme in August 2009.

What is your background?

I studied Economics, Maths and Sociology at Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet after which I moved on to Nottingham University where I graduated with a 2:1 in Economics.

What attracted you to working at Triland?

I first came across Triland at the London Graduate Fair in Angel, where I was attracted by the prospect of working within a trading environment that was supported by the longevity of the commodity industry. From thereon in, the impressive speed of the application process and the manner in which I was dealt with spoke volumes about the underlying ethics within the firm. It was clear right from the very start that the company was willing to invest a substantial amount of time and effort into my development.

Where in the company are you working?

After completing the one year graduate programme rotation I was given the opportunity to help set up Triland’s precious metals trading desk and become a junior dealer on the new two man desk – five years on I became head of desk.

What are your main responsibilities?
During the graduate programme my responsibilities varied throughout depending on the department I was in; from analysing and presenting credit reviews, to clerking on the LME floor, each head of section has placed faith in my ability to help out with the day-to-day running of the company. This sort of hands-on experience was key to my progression. The training and education that goes hand-in-hand with the programme did not pigeon-hole me into any specific job but instead left me with a well-rounded understanding of the financial futures markets and the role that each department plays in the trade process.

Now as Head of Precious Metals I am primarily responsible for the growth of the precious metals trading book. I do this with the help of two other staff on the trading desk who in turn help me develop my skills as a manager. Together we look after our current customers, handle their trading risk and develop the future of our desk by improving our day-to-day operations and marketing to new business by reimagining our business model.

What are you enjoying most about working for Triland?

It would probably have to be the environment. The open plan office is warm and welcoming and it's not long before you know each and every person here at Triland; all of whom are great to work with. On top of this I love being handed challenges and responsibility, both of which Triland has offered me in abundance.

What is the most important thing you have learnt since being here?

The most important and valuable lesson I have learnt is to listen very carefully to everything your more experienced colleagues are telling you! No amount of reading or studying can prepare you for what to expect in finance and it's the wisdom from those who have been involved for longer that will give you the best guidance.

What are your hopes for your future with Triland?
Every day presents new challenges and our environment continually evolves. Over time I have come to think less and less about the future which is unknown and instead try to focus on the present which I enjoy at Triland. It is comforting to do this in a company that is loyal to its partners and its industry - many of my colleagues have spent the majority of their careers at Triland and that speaks volumes.

What advice would you give someone thinking of applying to Triland?

Do yourself a favour and go and visit the LME if you haven't done so already. The key thing is to research the industry and become familiar with what Triland does so you have full confidence in your decision to apply. This will shine through in the interviews.