TPA Seminar for regional CTF Banks
Geneva 2016

Bringing the forum to the heart of the CTF banking community in Geneva, Triland hosted a collaborative event with overwhelming support from CTF Banks and their participants.

Speakers from various sections at Triland demonstrated their LME and Precious Metals market and trading expertise in an interactive and open knowledge-sharing environment.

LME and Precious Metals Seminar for regional CTF Banks.
Singapore September 2015

Hong Kong and Singapore are playing an increasingly crucial role in commodity trading in the Asia Pacific region. Hosted by Triland Singapore to several key CTF Banks in the region, this seminar focused on core industry awareness and Triland’s well-versed TPA capabilities in an informative and well-received networking event.

Tailored TPA Workshop for TPA Banks
London September 2013

Offered as a ‘refresher’ workshop to a long-established CTF Bank partner, Triland explained the TPA account opening process and TPA mechanics, covering CTF Bank security interests, financing obligations, and margining mechanics.

The workshop also explored Triland’s TPA business developments and the new TPA options that Triland can offer to the CTF Bank.