Futures Seminars

Tokyo - monthly

On 18th July 2018 Triland Metals Tokyo (TMT) kicked off a series of Futures Seminar for customers. These will be held monthly and are designed to help customers improve their knowledge of all matters related to metals trading, from the structure of the LME to identifying market trends and the operation of futures transactions.

The Seminars

July 2018               LME strategy and Implied Pricing

August 2018           Major Market Price Fundamentals

September 2018     Average / Option transactions (Beginner level)

October 2018         Regulation

November 2018      Commoditisation of New Products

December 2018      Repo / NPV / Arbitrage / Fund / CTA

January 2019         Average / Option transactions (Advanced level)

February 2019       LME Clearing System / Risk Management System

March 2019           Precious Metals

April 2019             Overview of LME / Spread (Beginner level)

Please contact us if you are interested in attending any of these events.


Options World Tour – New York
18th – 24th June 2018 

Options World Tour - Singapore
24th January to 2nd February 2018

A series of workshops and presentations were held for customers interested in finding out more about Options trading at Triland. These offered both introductory sessions for an Options overview and how they can be strategically used, to a more technical analysis of Options in an LME market context.

Our aim was to bring customers closer to the fore with the unique opportunity to learn more about Options trading directly from a member of our Options Team. With over a decade of experience, Alex is happy to impart in-depth knowledge with his expertise in the industry.


15th June 2017

Hosted by our New York office, Triland Metals Americas touched base with customers to provide a comprehensive educational seminar on:

  • Hedging futures, averaging and options
  • LME warrant financing and trading
  • Triland’s precious metals offering
  • Financing solutions, including CTF Bank tripartite arrangements, forward discounting and Repos

Participants engaged in a highly informative event and interacted with speakers from both New York and London presenting in their field of expertise to provide market knowledge and insight.

Please contact us if you are interested in similar future events and we will be in touch.